Sunday, January 28, 2007

Everyone Loves Ramen

If you ever lived near or below the poverty line, you may have chowed down on plenty of instant noodles we Americans often refer to as 'ramen.' Stores will sell a box of MSG-laden instant noodles packets for next to nothing, making them a favorite of poor college students everywhere. At least that was me. I ate real ramen during my last semester in college in LA's Little Tokyo. An eye opening experience, fresh noodles, yummy broth!

I'd love to see Morgan Spurlock eat nothing but Top Ramen for 30 days.

I drink soup almost every day. Usually I make my own large batch of soup broth and enjoy many quick meals by adding a protein and some fresh veggies. Sometimes I am lazy and use pre-packaged stuff. Picked up a couple of Kyoto ramen packages at Rainbow Foods a few weeks back. Last night made a batch and added tofu, shitake mushrooms, tomatoes, corn and broccoli. There was enough food for last night's dinner and today's lunch.

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